Probably, the first vine growers on the island were the Romans, but before their arrival, the lands of Elba were already known to be very fertile. In addition to the vast abundance of minerals, another great resource of the land was agriculture on the terraces overlooking the sea. Over the centuries, techniques and production methods have changed several times, but islanders have never lost the passion for this activity.
Today, most of the farms are part of the Wine Route of Elba Consortium. This association intends to protect and enhance the wine-growing activity of the area especially with tourists. The route is indeed a real itinerary along which you can find wineries, wine shops, farms where you can taste the island’s wine.
The excellence of the area are the wines like moscato, ansonica and the famous aleatico. This type of wine perfectly accompanies sweets, desserts and dry pastries and is highly appreciated both locally and internationally. Elba also produces some white and red wines, from Vermentino to Proanic, from Sangiovese to Syrah, with excellent results.

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