Hikers and lovers of excursions can find in Elba a real paradise. The island is full of paths and dirt roads that are perfect for such activities. In addition, the particular morphology of the territory allows to reach completely different natural environments in a short time. Within a few km you will actually find the sea and the hill, the valley and the mountain.
The territory of Marina di Campo is the ideal base for hikings in the heart of the island, on the slopes of Monte Capanne, the highest peak. The area is famous for the presence of ancient granite quarries, accessible by foot, and some medieval fortifications.
Among these, the Tower of St. John is perhaps the most striking and it is a popular destination for walkings. It is a square tower that seems to be directly born from the rocky spur on which it was built. The tower is 300 m above sea level and enjoys a marvelous view of the Gulf of Marina di Campo. At the time of its construction it was an important point of observation, from which it was possible to communicate with nearby fortresses.
Although it has been subjected to several restorations, the Tower of St. John is now in ruins and access inside is dangerous. Still there is a wonderful panoramic viewpoint with a picnic area.

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