The territory of the island of Elba has a wide variety of natural environments enclosed within a few km radius. Just a short distance from the beach you can reach the hills and then the highest peaks of the island.
One of these is Mount Capanne, located at the center of the western slope and often a destination for hiking or mountain biking. From the top of the mountain, at about 1.019 m, you can enjoy a marvelous panoramic view of the Elban coast and the sea.
The paths that rise up and down Mount Capanne are particularly panoramic and allow you to get in close contact with the Mediterranean nature that covers its valleys and slopes. Local itineraries are classified according to the duration and the difficulty: there are suitable for everyone and reserved for experts with a good level of workout. There are also ideal trails for those who like exploring nature on mountain bikes instead of walking with backpacks and boots.
The most striking paths begin at the slopes of the mountain and go back to its top. They often cross small hilly areas, vineyards and olive groves near ancient medieval forts, hermits and religious sanctuaries.
Hiking on Mount Capanne is ideal for outdoor activities when nature is shown in its most beautiful robe.

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